Wedding Favours

Wedding Favours – your own design for your great day

You want your guests to remember that special moment they shared with you forever? Then get wedding favours that last.

With HeartCharmer wedding favours you can pick your wedding colour scheme and have charms, pendants, bracelets, necklaces or others made with beats and crystals reflecting those colours or you chose one of the many charms that will be hand engraved with your wedding date, initials or even names – depending on the size of the chosen pendant. Because you are involved in the process with HeartCharmer every design is made to reflect you, your personality and your special occasion and therefore is absolutely unique.
If you are wondering what men will get as they probably won’t wear jewellery – they get your special designed pendants/charms on a key ring and that way also men will be able to remember your wedding forever.

Your wedding guests will be thrilled to discover these beautiful and unique mementos of your wedding. And you don’t have to spend more than you would for conventional gifts like chocolates.

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